How I became a Sonic the Hedgehog fan

One of the most iconic title screens ever
One of the most iconic title screens ever

When I was nine years old I received a Sega Genesis as a kid for Christmas and it came packed with the first Sonic the Hedgehog game. Little did I know how obsessed I would become with the blue blur. T.V. shows, comics, games and toys. You name it, I loved it. Allow me to elaborate.

From the instant I first stuck that magical Sonic cartridge into the Genesis my life was changed. Before I got the Genesis I had an NES and had grown to the 8 bit graphics. Needless to say 16 bit blew me away; much more color, sound was far superior to the NES and it was so fast! Sure I had a couple of other games but I stuck with Sonic. I took the time to explore the levels. I know a lot of folks claim that Sonic is easy but that all depends on how you play. Sure you can just “hold forward” and hope for the best, but that takes the fun out of it for me. Not to mention that theory got trashed in later levels as it became like standard platformers with precise jumping where timing was key. Obviously folks who claimed this theory didn’t get very far in the games.

These graphics blew my 9 year old self away!
These graphics blew my 9 year old self away!

By the time Sonic 2 had came out, I was heavy into drawing. Every picture of Sonic I could find, I drew. I even paused the game at times and drew what was on the screen. Looking back, I now realize if it hadn’t been for Sonic, I would have never found I had artistic abilities (which have since faded). After Sonic 3’s release a group of friends and myself decided to make our own comic entitled “Sonic in Time”. It caught the attention of our classmates and was quite popular even getting approval from our third grade teacher. When fifth grade came around I was known as the “Sonic kid” or “the kid who can draw Sonic”. The sweatshirt with Sonic taping his foot and “Gotta stryde Clyde” probably didn’t help either.

During this time ABC had started to air Sonic the Hedgehog or “Sonic SatAM” as its now known. Unlike most cartoons at that time SatAM had more of a dark tone. It did have it’s corny moments sure, but it was much more serious. This show had a big impact on me as I soon got into the comics which were made by Archie Comics.

The comics followed SatAM’s story after the show was cancelled. I collected these comics including all the specials, and began drawing the characters and adding them into my own stories. SatAM still holds up to this day, as I am currently watching it again. Many other cartoons followed but none could match the greatness that SatAM had accomplished. I remember watching The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and it’s very obvious its target audience was for kids under seven. Sadly, I’m am not a fan of any other of Sonics cartoons.

As you can tell my obsession goes far beyond the games. You can bet that this won’t be the last time I talk about Sonic. This is just the chili on the chili dog! Even though I lost touch with the Hedgehog during his later years I’m still a huge fan and have began snatching up the current games. Sonic in my book is still “way past cool”!





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