Goodbye for now, Retrocore Podcasts


This entry has been in the works for awhile and has been a hard one for me to finish. A lot of you know me on Twitter as Retrocore_RCVGM. This Twitter account was made back in 2010 to help promote our podcasts, Retrocore and Retrocore Classic Gaming Music. At first that’s what it was but in the following years I made tons of retro gaming friends who liked our shows and discussing retro games. I still use this account to this day but many Retrocore fans may have noticed a lack of promoting the podcasts. Before I go on I’ll go into how these shows came to be.

Back in June 2008, Colin and I, along with a friend named Russ decided to start a retro gaming podcast. Before this we had a podcast called Gamingcore with my good friend Don (Sobaer). Gamingcore lasted about a year before we all decided to start our own projects. This led to the launch of Retrocore Podcast. I shudder at the earlier episodes. They were so bad. Bad segment music, nervousness and not editing back then led to some cringe worthy shows. But somehow people liked us. We were on the website Podomatic and as soon as an episode was posted, we’d run out of bandwidth by the end of the day.

After awhile I decided to play retro game music in the background of Retrocore Podcast to help drown out some of the background noise. Again we were amateurs but we still enjoyed what we did and people seemed to like it too. It wasn’t long before I received emails of people requesting songs they wanted to hear in the background. I filled some of these requests for awhile but in 2009 I had an idea: Why not turn this into a podcast to?

In 2009 Retrocore Classic Gaming Music was born and boy did I create a monster. Not to toot my own horn but this was back before game music podcasts took off. This podcast took off basically over night and within an hour, bandwidth on Podomatic was gone within the hour! At the time we couldn’t afford to pay for more bandwidth so it was basically first come first serve. It was about this time I received an email from Ryan at offering us a place to put both of our shows on his site for free. We jumped on the opportunity and the podcasts can still be found there to this day. I’ll have links at the bottom of this post for those who want to listen.

Many hosts came and went on Retrocore Podcast. Colin and I have always been there since the beginning. Russ left pretty early on. Some fans might remember Poisoned Peach or PP as I called her. She wasn’t around that long as her and I had some…differences. The latest roster included myself and Colin of course, along with Don and Doug. Don and Doug have been great additions to Retrocore Podcast and we even experimented tossing these guys onto Retrocore Classic Gaming Music for awhile. These podcasts led to a Youtube channel where Doug and I did some retro Lets Plays which is still up to this day. There will be a link at the bottom for this too.

Over the years we tried and failed at starting our own website. A website where we could put both our podcasts and have written reviews and features. Colin has the know how but being in college really limited his time. Others offered to help us with the site but nothing ever came of it. I have officially gave up on this idea and as some of you know, I officially announced on Twitter that Retrocore Classic Gaming Music ended as well. I just lack the time and it’s now 2014. There are plenty of game music podcasts to choose from with much better productions values.

Now it’s time for the point of this post which is a tough one for me. There hasn’t been a new episode of Retrocore Podcast since August 11th, 2013 and there was plenty of times we went months and months without a new episode. This is mostly due to scheduling issues with me. I’m 31 years old now and life is life. I don’t have the free time like I used to have. In what free time I do have I like to play videogames (shocker). Also Colin and Doug are in college so we have to work around that as well. Editing is a bitch and not much people realize the time it takes to edit a podcast. I know the guys have offered to edit for me in the past but what can I say? I’m picky about my editing and I prefer I do it.

So it saddens me to say Retrocore Podcast has officially ended. As if it wasn’t obvious by the lack of a new episode. I just figured it was time to stop jerking peoples chains and make it official. That’s not to say we won’t get together and do a special episode here and there. Or who knows, maybe during the summer when the guys are on break from college we can do an episode a month during their break. It has been a great and interesting run from 2008-2014. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve met plenty of interesting people along the way. Many of these people have been guests on the podcast. Now I haven’t pulled the plug on our Youtube channel yet. I’ll have to talk with Doug if he wants to keep it going. I mean, I might even do a video here and there. I barely edit those so not much work goes into that. It’s just me playing a game.

Some of you may be thinking, “But you have this blog and you write for 1MoreCastle, why not stop those and continue the podcasts?” Writing for me is a lot easier and requires very little editing. I don’t consider myself to be a good writer at all, but I enjoy doing it. Another reason is I can write a little bit here and there and save them as drafts and return them when I get time with very little effort. A podcast requires, scheduling, planning, recording, and editing. So basically writing is what you’ll get from me from now on.

I thank the longtime and new listeners who have supported us from the beginning. You know who you are and we still talk on Twitter to this day. I do plan on keeping the Twitter account and using it as my main account. I’ve met too many awesome folks and like I said, I’m sure we’ll do a special episode here and there and possibly be a summer show. I’ll need the account to promote those as well. So again, thank you listeners and thank you Colin, Doug and Don for being awesome hosts and putting up with my scheduling. As we always said at the end of Retrocore Podcast: “Goodbye and keep it retro!”

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4 thoughts on “Goodbye for now, Retrocore Podcasts

  1. Sad to see this go away, but if it allows you to do more and flex your creative muscle in other areas, so be it. I only caught your most latest episodes, but never happy to see a project get sent to the basement.

    Best of luck with everything! Hope things turn out well in whatever direction you choose!

    1. Thanks for the support and understanding. I’m sure the shows will be around in some shape or form in the future, but right now my plate is full. It was hard to say goodbye but hopefully it’s not goodbye for good.

  2. Gutted…I listen to your past shows every day in work and it really helps me switch off and concentrate. I hope you come back soon…the world of retro games demand it 🙂

    1. I’m glad to hear you liked our shows. It really means a lot hearing this from people. It was hard to let the shows go but like this post stated, we’ll be back in some shape or form, someday. 🙂

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