My first experience with Super Mario Bros. 3 wasn’t a good one

Kuribo shoe

Fridays was a magical time for me. It marked the end of a school week and the start of some quality time with my NES. On Fridays my younger brother and I would have to decide on a game to rent which let me tell you, was hard to do sometimes. This led to some arguments but usually we came to an agreement. This particular trip we already reached an agreement before we even reached Video Stop. It was February of 1990 and Super Mario Brothers 3 was just released and luckily, we both love us some Mario.

Another Friday tradition was McDonald’s. My dad got paid every Friday and after work he would pick my brother and me up, take us to Video Stop to pick out a game to rent, and then go through the McDonald’s drive through. As I kid I loved McDonald’s and back then we had awesome toys that came with our Happy Meals. Some of those toys I still have to this day! But I’ll save that for another blog post!

On the way to Video Stop I could tell I wasn’t feeling right. My stomach was upset and a was feeling a little weak. But Mario 3 just came out! I had to play it! Video Stop had a whole section dedicated to Mario 3. There was at least 10 copies on the shelf and only 3 was left. I quickly snatched it up which made dad happy. He was always glad when we were in and out! Next stop was McDonald’s but I just wanted to get home and play, despite not feeling so good.

Evil Trees!!
Evil Trees!!

After leaving Mickey Ds I could tell something was definitely wrong and it wouldn’t be long before I discovered I was coming down with the flu. We got home and I scarfed down my Happy Meal and rushed to my NES. Super Mario Brothers 3 was everything I thought it would be and more. It was such an amazing experience playing this for the first time. The music, the graphics, everything really blew me away. Halfway through the first world the Happy Meal came back up. I was getting really sick at this point but I continued onto World 2.

I didn’t get far until I had to quit. I had to go take some medicine and lay down to rest. As we all know World 2 is the desert world and on the world map there are dancing palm trees. I kid you not, I had a dream about those dancing palm trees chasing me! It was one of the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had and really freaked me out! I blame it on the flu and having some weird delirious sick dream. They appeared in my dream exactly how they looked in the game but they were taller. They chased me dancing in unison! Such a damn weird dream that I still think about frequently.

Yes I admit, my title for this post is misleading. I love everything about Super Mario Bros. 3 and still do. But having the flu and an overactive imagination led to an experience I’ll never forget!



2 thoughts on “My first experience with Super Mario Bros. 3 wasn’t a good one

  1. It’s funny how we can associate certain memories so succinctly with a specific game. Dates, locations, feelings of being sick…music and video games (in my opinion) provide such an incredible ability to allow us memory recall.

    Love your posts. Especially the line about you and your brother arguing about what game to get. Sometimes my mom would smack us stupid for taking too long to pick out a game, but it became a full-out United Nations debate on which one to get with pros and cons to each.

    As for Mario 3…I think I played this much later after it came out and while it is a FANTASTIC game, MY favorite ‘Mario memories’ stemmed from SMB2.

    1. Oh man, I love me some SMB2. It’s my second favorite next to SMW. Glad to see someone else likes it. SMB2 gets a lot of flack these days.

      I agree. Music and games hold the power to take us back to exact times. Cartoons even. I’m glad you enjoy reading these posts. I love writing them plus they double as a place to post memories in case I forget them as I get older!

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