Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure



Looking for a game to escape the tropes of modern gaming? Are you sick of the constant releases of first person shooters and big budget AAA cinematic games? Then Gurumin 3D on the 3DS is for you! Gurumin is a nice throwback to those PS1 games some of us all love and miss. Companies like Squaresoft took more risks back then than they do today and this feels like one of those awesome games.

I’ve played this game before when it was released on Steam and it was great then but it just feels right on the 3DS. It makes for a great portable game as it’s real easy to pick up and play. You play as Parin, a girl who is new to town and has to live with her Grandparents because her parents are off adventuring. Great parenting right? Parin soon learns that this mining town has no kids and she is the only kid!

You’ll soon discover a “kid” well at least Parin thinks it’s a kid but you’ll find out she’s a monster! Only kids can see monsters, so monsters can run around town without being seen by adults. The main focus of the game is to help the monsters rebuild their village that got destroyed by the Evil Prince and his gang. You do this by going to different locations (levels) and finding the monster’s lost items. Be it a Boombox, plant or bookshelf, when you find one of these you take them back to monster town. Returning items helps the village rebuild and it also opens new locations on the map.

Parin chatting with the Monsters
Your weapon is a drill which can be used for defeating enemies and drilling through things. In levels you’ll find rocks, cracked walls, pillars and vases. All which can be drilled for money. Your drill has 3 levels and as you fight the drill meter at the top of the screen fills. If you take damage the drill meter will get depleted. Obviously the higher the drill level, the higher damage you’ll deal. There are also elements you can get to add that effect to the drill like fire or ice. But those will require some exploring to find!

There are 2 shops in human town. One is a pastry shop where you can buy health items. The other is an accessory shop where you can buy….well accessories. You can find junk in your adventures and even drill armor off of enemies that you can bring to this shop to upgrade accessories. My favorite accessory was the cat ears. It lets you know how much vases and treasure chests are left on a level. You will find yourself switching accessories often as the goggles allow you to swim without taking damage. Or the gas mask which protects you from toxic gases.


Gurumin controls just fine. A is your main form of attack but you can buy drill abilities off of someone in town. An example is a whirlwind type attack where you rotate the pad and hit A. You control the camera with the L and R buttons and it works! I know some of you might consider that a deal breaker but believe me it’s fine. If you grew up with Playstation JRPGs it should feel real familiar to you and it works.

Gurumin is a great action RPG that offers a lot of replay value. Fans of the Playstation game Brave Fencer Musashi, this game is a must have! They share so many similarities and I love it! Both games have a town you return to and help people there, the gameplay is similar, they both have great voice acting that at times are cheesy but still great, even the names of locations are named after food in Gurumin. Just like the different characters in Musashi. Basically, if you like great action RPGs, be sure to not miss out on Gurumin 3D, available on the 3DS eshop!

Final Score: 4/5

  • Great characters
  • Easy controls and game play
  • Cheesy but fun voice acting
  • Feels like an old Playstation action RPG which is great
  • Good replay value

parin-thinking  poko pino





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