Playstation on Ice

ps1 ice

By the time Final Fantasy IX was released my Playstation was on its last legs. The console would freeze if played for long periods of time. Final Fantasy IX was released in 2000 and the poor Playstation had been through numerous JRPG sessions. Some lasting all day! Luckily I was able to finish up Final Fantasy IX before having to break down and get a new Playstation, but it was a struggle at times.

I’ve played plenty of Final Fantasy games with friends. It’s funny, it seems like each FF game I played was with a different friend and each experience provided me with some unforgettable memories. FF IX I played with a friend I’ll call Chuck here. Honestly it was his nickname so it works out! We didn’t play IX together so much like my friend AJ and I did with Final Fantasy VII, but we still had fun. We had a shared save file on my memory card and one night we decided to play that Chocobo digging mini game. Little did we know we’d be up all night.


My memory is fuzzy so I can’t really remember what the mini game was about. I just remember riding a chocobo around and telling it to dig in certain spots. It was pretty addicting and we had a blast doing it. Maybe you got special items or magic. Or perhaps stuff for final weapons, again I’m unsure. I’ve never really gone back to IX as it wasn’t a favorite of mine. This went on for a couple of hours before my old Playstation decided to freeze.

The Playstation was hot to the touch so we decided it was best to let it sit and cool down. It was obviously overheating. The wait was brutal as we wanted to get back to “digging” as we called it. That’s when Chuck came up with an idea. Out of nowhere he screamed “Put it in the freezer!”. Looking back this probably wasn’t a good idea as the condensation could have messed up the console worse than what it was already. But hey, I was a dumb teen and we stuck the thing in the freezer!

It did work though! We waited about 10 minutes or so and hooked the console back up. It played like it was brand new for a couple of hours before we would have to stick it back in the freezer. This went on all night until the sun was coming up and we decided to call it a night. I know this wasn’t the longest or even that interesting blog post but hey, I can say I put a Playstation in the freezer to cool it down, and it worked!!



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2 thoughts on “Playstation on Ice

  1. Can’t honestly say that I’ve ever put a gaming console in the freezer, but I can relate to having marathon sessions, and can also relate to doing whatever it takes to keep going!! Haha!

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